Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fife & Drum Lights

     Yesterday, I finished up 12 Fife & Drum Miniatures British Light Infantry. I had hoped to complete them yesterday, but one day off of target isn't all that bad. I think that they turned out rather swell. I just need to improve upon my faces a bit, but that will come with experience. I painted eight figures in white trim (17th) and the remaining four in red (33rd). The plan is to complete the 33rd with my next purchase from F&DM. For now, I need to order some bases from Pendraken Miniatures!  

     Being an extraordinarily slow painter, along with recently switching my primary figure scale to 28mm, I have decided to rethink my attitude towards project completion. The plan is simple; use the months of the year as my own production scheduler. As the calendar changes so does what is on the workbench; no matter their state of completion. This should alleviate monotony, and my usual burnout from lack of project progress. If I don't set any major deadlines, I can't fail to meet them!

With the shift in figure scale, I have also gained the opportunity to rethink my gaming era pursuits. At the moment, these are the interests that I have sorted out:

Dark Ages
Napoleonics (to include the War of 1812)
Interwar (Irish War of Independence, German Revolution, Italians in Abyssinia, SCW)
World War II (air, naval, and ground)

You ask, "what is on the workbench for September"? Victrix British Peninsular Infantry Centre Companies!


  1. Those are relly nice, David.


  2. The faces look good to me. One suggestion, buy some reading glasses at the pharmacy and use them for the high detail work such as eyes. I started using reading glasses for painting a few months ago and now I wonder how I ever got along without them.

    Nice brush work on the Light Bobs!

  3. Thanks for stopping by guys and commenting! :-)

    After spending the day reassessing my tools and techniques, I have decided to add a wet palette and some finer brushes to the workbench. Sadly, I already require reading glasses, and each year my prescription has needed to increase! :-D captain blood over at Steve Dean Forum&nbsp has posted a great tutorial, and I feel a bit froggy!

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  5. Are the Fife and drum true 28mm or bit larger? I got the impression they were 30mm from the website. Great detail on the minis. Empathize with the backlog, though-I have two boxes of Victrix Saxons, a scratchbuilt tavern, and Napoleonic Sailors that have remained unpainted for several months.