Saturday, August 4, 2012

17th Light Dragoons

     As mentioned before, I have been whittling away at some Pendraken, 10mm, 17th Queens Light Dragoons. Well, here they are. :-)

     They are mounted on Pendraken 20mm X 25mm bases textured with Vallejo Coarse Pumice and painted entirely with Vallejo Model  Color and Panzer Aces acrylics. I decided to forgo static grass and foam flocking for painted vegetation. After finishing my earlier Militia, I was unsatisfied with their look. It just seemed like the grass detracted too much from the figures themselves. I will eventually re-base them so, all is not lost. 

     While I am a HUGE fan of small castings (6 and 10mm), I find joy in all scales as each offers something different to the gaming expreience. This varied appreciation will likely be my downfall as I complete figures in more than one scale! :-/  It's okay though, I never get much gaming in anymore, so painting for pleasure is the order of the day. :-) 


  1. hi david,

    as always your painting job is very well !
    if you make the base like your "practice basing" ther will be perfectly. :-)

  2. Andreas,
    Thank you for the compliments. Perhaps you are right about the basing. I will re-do one of them and see how it works out. I am very poor at basing in general, and that is why I had originally made the "practice base" itself. I will be sure to post again once completed for additional critique and comments.

  3. Phil,
    Thank you for dropping in for visit to my blog. I am glad that you like the 17th. I will eventually upgrade the bases as per Andreas Hofer's recommendations. Let us hope that I can make them even nicer still.