Friday, July 20, 2012

More for the reading room

     I recently ordered (and received) from On Military Matters (OMM), American War of Independence Scenarios 1 & 2 of the British Grenadier rules series. While neither of these books are new to the marketplace (2005, 2008), they are new to me as they will be for anyone else who joins the ranks of AWI gaming now or in the future. Cost is $28 US each (+ postage).

     The service was excellent as was the packaging. The option was offered, and I selected, that they be mailed via the United States Postal Service at a reduced rate over United Parcel Service. A choice of shipping is a customer friendly feature that many on-line retailers have forgone in order streamline their operations. Having a choice does not guarantee a cost savings, but not having a choice ensures NO cost savings. My order went in late in the afternoon and was promptly followed up by a personally typed email of acknowledgement with the forecast to have it posted on Monday. The promise was kept, and since I do not live but three States away, they arrived safe and sound on Wednesday.

     Both are printed with medium-weight, semi gloss inside pages, heavy-weight semi gloss covers, and stapled bindings. They are quite durable, and will certainly offer extensive service lives. Due to the gloss of the pages, it is highly likely that ink written notes will initially smudge, so choose your writing instrument accordingly! They both come with playsheets for the British Grenadier rules system, but I believe that the information has been superseded with the issuance of the latest edition of the core rules. The core rules come with quick reference sheets, so this is not really a loss. Book 1 does come with a rather nice gift of 24 different flags printed in all the usable gaming scales (25, 15, 10, and 6mm). The flags are printed on the same paper as the interior pages which may or may not be to your liking. The glossiness could be a detractor as touching them up,  highlighting, or shading them with paint would be far too noticeable and possibly unsightly.

     The scenarios themselves are well written, and obviously well researched, averaging four pages each. They include a battlefield sketch and composition table for each of the belligerents. The write-ups also contain brief descriptions of the uniforms as worn further helping in acquiring and painting the appropriate figures. While this information is merely a "quick and dirty", it is greatly welcomed by myself as I don't always feel like laying out my library every time I daydream of future acquisitions and painting schedules.

In summary:
OMM - a trusted retailer
The books - products worthy of their price.


  1. Do you think the scenario books, in your opinion, are worth it for other rules sets as well? ( A la Guns of Liberty or even Volley & Bayonet at Battalion Scale). I use Greg Novak's OOBs but if these books have useful maps and scale, I will check them out.

  2. I would say that they could be of great benefit for the GoL enthusiast, but not so much so for V&B. BG, as does GoL, necessarily incorporates head counts into combat actions and reactions. V&B, in its abstract nature, (not suited for AWI in my opinion) would not benefit from the scale of the details in the volumes. I have not read Novak's OOBs so cannot provide a comparison as such.

    For V&B you are perhaps best to use the Osprey "Campaign" series of books. Or, for a single volume masterpiece, "Battles of the American Revolution" by Carrington. It commands a hefty price, but nowhere nearly as much as 712 pages of Osprey would be!

  3. THanks Buddy.

    One of the big projects being worked by Greg Novak before he passed was V&B "Wing Scale" specifically written for the AWI. It was much more "miniatures friendly" and not grand tactical and stands represent companies as opposed to Regiments.

    You can download Wing Scale V&B off of the V&B Yahoo Group. Or I suppose I could just email it to you :)

    I'm thinking of tinkering with it to use units as Battalions as that seems to be the major unit of maneuver in the AWI.

    As of right now, I do not have any major AWI projects in the pipeline, with the next battle being Princeton.