Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Bit of Toy Soldier Fun! III

     Back again with another toy Soldier. I am actually in the process of painting some 10mm 17th QLD and will post them once finished and based. Today, I have what is actually the first toy soldier I painted for my co-worker. He is rather generic in uniform, but is quite close to being spot on for a SYW Prussian officer illustration I ran across. I had to retrieve him from his new owner since I forgot to photograph him the first go around. He is now back with his friends probably somewhere on a cabinet shelf most assuredly being appreciated for what he is....a classic toy soldier!

Thanks for stopping by for a look and keep your eyes peeled for some devilishly handsome dragoons!


  1. Very nice. Your paint job really brings out the character in this toy soldier.

  2. Excellent work as always and I look forward to seeing your Dragoons!


  3. Thanks for the kind words guys!