Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scale Creep Infantry in Kepi

     Quite some time ago (years I would imagine), I ordered a few sample packages of figures from Mark Severin over at Scale Creep Miniatures. One of the packs was his store's line of ACW Infantry. Jump back to today...I was digging out in the garage, pulling out a few dusty boxes, and re-discovered these once-painted gems. I have to say, I forgot how nice they really are! I bought them when times were financially tight (as if they weren't now!) as graphic aids for my dreams of future armies.

     I think I have the painting notes still, but they wouldn't be too hard to figure out. They are probably all Vallejo acrylics except for the sack coat's base color (probably Americana craft paint).

     Back to the minis themselves. They come eight to a pack with a total of two variations in pose (right leg forward, left leg forward). As the photos show, the poses are stiff, and more parade-like in appearance. They are also the "big 15s" of contemporary sculpting. As evident by the pic, they are absolutely grand with crisp, clean, proportionate details. The sculpting style lends itself well for easy painting to even the least experienced of painters.

     The product line is limited to only 42 product codes which means that you won't be using it alone to build your armies. But, with the excellence in detail and 18mm height, they will suit well to fill in a few more Regiments of an already AB Miniatures collection.

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