Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Practice Basing.

     I'm working out some paint combinations for basing and made up a test base in the process. It turned out well enough, and I think I will make a few more variations keeping them as visual reference for future projects:

     With the dark/dry combination, it would be quite suitable for a late fall, or early winter, time frame. The base is a 2mm thick, 20mm x 40mm, laser cut MDF from Pendraken. It's then covered with Vallejo's Coarse Pumice. I have used Litko's bases in the past, but find that Pendraken's pricing and shipping charges make it more economical to order from overseas! This is also accented with Gale Force Nine's Basing Grit. I used a combination of Medium and Rocky sizes keeping in mind the scale of the figures that are to be based. The paint then was applied in the following sequence:

heavily thinned Vallejo - 150 German Black
heavy dry-brush Vallejo - 148 Burnt Umber
dry-brush Vallejo - 142 US Field Drab
[lighter still] dry-brush Americana - Fawn
Rocks: dry-brushed Vallejo - 155 Light Grey
The edges are also Vallejo - 148 Burnt Umber

This was all topped off with:

The Army Painter - Highland Tuft
Gale Force Nine - Arid Static Grass

Other test pieces will be for: summer, dead of winter, and arid regions. I'll be sure to post them as they come to life.

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