Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pendraken Painting Contest

     Well, my AWI figures ordered back in December have yet to arrive, no worries though. I understand that Christmas and New Years can put a kink in a one-man business' output. Add to that all of the winter storms along with our illustrious Department of Homeland Security and you get a bit of a delay! Well, the good folks (Dave) over at Pendraken have decided to celebrate the 500th message board member with a February painting contest along with a few prizes to the winners. I'm not overly concerned at winning but thought that since my AWI figs have yet to arrive, I might blow the dust off of some of my WWI figures, namely the Italians, and paint up a few test stands for future production. Worse case scenario is I participate in a little message board camaraderie! If you haven't painted 10mm figures before, I encourage you to give it a go. The scale is a fantastic happy-medium to 6mm and 10mm because you can still achieve that massed feeling but with a higher degree of detail. (Although I must admit, Adler has just as good of detail but sadly, a limited number of periods) If you are just a little bit curious or, are raring to go, click on the logo below and you will be wisked away to the message board with more details. I will probably take photos as I go so I can create a "how to" storyboard. I would like to try a few different methods while I'm at it. It has always proven hard for me to do in the past since I always unintentionally apply the same techniques. :-/

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