Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Ghost of Armies Past

     While visiting one of my favorite blogs, Zinnsoldatengeneral, I was admiring some of Andreas Hofer's latest painting masterpieces. He is truly an artist and inspiring. I have always had a fondness for grand scale figures, 6-10mm, and always will. Currently, I own a rather large mountain of 10mm Pendraken WWI French, Germans, Austrians and Italians [that I will get back to one day] and I am also waiting for my order of 10mm Pendraken AWI Continentals to arrive. But, this post is not about armies present, or future, but rather of armies past! Having once built armies of 6mm Adler ACW [Union and Confederates], I feel a hole in my heart because I long ago traded them off. They did go to a great home but that doesn't make me miss them any less. The fighting stands were based on 1" X 3/4" bases and were intended for either Johnny Reb III or GHQ's Micro Force: The Game. [Note: Micro Force is truly a hidden gem but that post will be left for another day.] The ghost I speak of is one of two figures I kept at the time of the trade. I kept them as a reminder of Adler's beautiful sculpts and as patterns for future two-color paint jobs. Well, enough of the Dickens-inspired ramblings and on to the ghost!
Adler, ACWS1, 6mm, Mounted Officers, Regiment/Brigade

Adler, ACWS1, 6mm, Mounted Officers, Regiment/Brigade

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