Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Review

     If you look to the right of the page, you'll find a gadget that shows my library's contents. Unfortunately, it has grown and shrunk as I was foolish enough to sell items off. I have at least been smart enough to recycle the money into more books so I can't be labeled as completely self-destructive. Here's one of the little gems from my bookcase that I wanted to pass along a recommendation for, "Blooding at Great Meadows: Young George Washington and the Battle that Shaped the Man" by Alan Axelrod.

     The book isn't ground-breaking for the more serious FIW fans but for a casual hobbyist like myself, it really enlightened and entertained. The first part of the book is Washington's entry into a military career as means of broadening both his experiences and position in life. The main body and end are his participations in Braddock's ill-fated campaign and the loss of Fort Necessity. The book does suffer from a lack of maps or illustrations. While these would have helped, they don't break the book either. This is more a story of persons and personalities rather than of combat and campaign. The author also uses correspondences from the Indian chiefs involved which helps express a point of view that is often unheard. All in all, well researched and well written. ****


  1. Thanks for the tip, I'm always after new books to read.


  2. It's a short but worthwhile title at just 260 pages of text. I picked it up from a bargain bin at a Barnes & Noble and it is nicely priced on Amazon.com as well. If you like George Washington, this will be a pleasant read!